E-JournALL, EuroAmerican Journal of Applied Linguistics and Languages
Special Issue (DOUBLE ISSUE): Learners’ outcomes in early second language learning: The key to developing effective strategies
Volume 7, Issue 1, February 2020, pages i-156
ISSN 2376-905X

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Introduction to the Special Issue: Learners’ outcomes and effective strategies in early second language learning

Francesca Costa and Elisabet Pladevall-Ballester

Valutare l’apprendimento precoce di una seconda lingua: rilevanza degli studi longitudinali

Lucilla Lopriore

Construyendo puentes entre Educación Infantil y Primaria para la enseñanza bilingüe en inglés

Teresa Fleta Guillén

“To be able to understand each other”: Intercultural interactions in the Arabic–Hebrew-speaking preschool in Israel

Ludmila Krivosh and Mila Schwartz

The use of previously known languages and target language (English) during task-based interaction: A pseudolongitudinal study of primary-school CLIL learners

María Martínez-Adrián

Learning French sound/spelling links in English primary school classrooms

Alison Porter

The Language of Learning – Maltese teachers’ views on bilingual and multilingual primary classrooms

Michelle Panzavecchia and Sabine Little

Motivating self and others through a whole-school storytelling project: authentic language & literacy development

Julie Waddington


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Alberta Novello

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